Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of july

We spent most of the July 4th weekend with my parents at the beach.
Fifteen years ago my parents bought a 700 sq ft cabin in a small fishing community on the Oregon coast. At the time the nation's renewed interest in surfing was still in an infancy and the town was better known for its estuary and dory fleet than for its beach break. In the last fifteen years the town has become swollen with weekend warrior types, young families in search of a quieter and less expensive destination spot, and the dory boat fisherman who live there, work there, and occasionally launch their boats into the swarms of surfers whose wave riding can obstruct passage into the open water.

We celebrated my mom's birthday Thursday night with crab legs and coconut cake. Friday morning LD and my dad surfed while mom and I drove south with the kids to a bake sale and book fair being held in conjunction with a parade in the next town over. Munch ate pound cake for breakfast. When the parade got underway she jumped in front of the flag team and scout groups to scoop up the candy being thrown towards the crowd.

In the afternoon Munch played with a new friend who goes to her same summer camp and whose parents own the cabin next to my parents'. I'd hoped to snuggle next to Wow for an afternoon nap and was a little put out when I returned from my run to find LD had beat me to it. It's going to be a sad day when Wow grows out of the afternoon nap.

Although the official firework display wasn't until Saturday the 5th, we built a bonfire in the soft sand above the water, roasted marshmallows, and waited for the sun to set.

 do you remember your first s'more?

When night fell the coastline erupted with small fountains of firelight.

Happy birthday Mita. 

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