Saturday, June 7, 2014


My first Stitchfix package was on the front porch Sunday when we got home from the beach. I left my sandy, bleary eyed family to piece together a dinner and promptly slimed (just a few) friends with pictures of me - frizzy post beach hair, no make up, cluttered bathroom - posing in my new duds.

(And about that. Sorry.)

I first heard of Stitchfix on the MiM website almost a year ago. I filled out a profile, including that I was a mommy MD who wanted to look professional, but not old, and scheduled my first fix. Then I cancelled it. I did this a few times, just not being sure that an online shopping stylist was really something I needed. Or wanted.

The shipment arrived in the middle of a record breaking squall of both brick-and-mortar and online shopping that has not gone unnoticed by my daughter, who grumbled that, once again, she'd been excluded from the wild clothing binge.

Truthfully it wasn't good timing.

Munch's dresses. In my closet. 
Last week Munch pitched a fit that landed her dresses on TIME OUT. She's been threatened with their permanent disposal if she doesn't wear exactly what we tell her to wear - without fuss or backtalk - for at least two weeks. Any lip and the clock starts over.

Although I buy 90% of her clothing, she wields near total control over what she wears day to day.
Pants and shorts are permitted only under skirts or dresses. Socks rarely match the outfit, and less frequently each other. Her favorite outfit is a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeve, paired over leggings and a skirt. It's ridiculous and sweet and really not-my-battle.

But on the few occasions when we need her to just &*$#@!!*%# wear it already (often brought about by the laundry fairy's prolonged absence) she will launch a counteroffensive so vehement you'd think we were trying to shave her head. The purpose of dress sequestration (dress-questration?) isn't to modify her clothing preferences so much as her intolerance for disappointment.

Stitchfix sent five items - three were prefect, the other two will do. Returns are free, but the 25% discount for keeping all five paid for the two items to which I was just lukewarm. They ask that costumers provide as much information as possible and so I should have noted that I do not wear hoop earrings - a look that does nothing for those of us with faces the shape of dinner plates. I've already scheduled my next fix for August 27, my birthday.

Dress-questration is coming to an end. Munch is getting taller and leggier and with the warmer weather back to climbing trees. Her shorts were too short before this most recent growth spurt and so it has been me who ordered her to go put a skirt on over that.

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