Friday, January 31, 2014

pooh bear at the beach

Wow's diaper rash cleared after a few days of pooh-bearing it around the house. He wore long sleeve shirts for warmth and was allowed to air out his man bits on the hardwood of the middle floor. I told myself this would also help with what has been a lackluster potty training effort, but in the end I'd put him in a diaper when I felt he might be close to micturation. Or, you know, poo. 
He continued in the look this weekend at the beach, where we went with my parents so that LD could get in a surf session before we go to Costa Rica next month. When we lived in San Diego LD surfed with two of my co-residents, both of whom, despite having moved to Boston and Arizona, have been able to surf more regularly than LD in the three years since we left SD.   He wanted to get a few sessions in before the reunion. 

But the surf didn't cooperate, and LD came back to shore after only a couple hours in the water. We spent the afternoon and following morning on the broad back of a low-tide beach, which made bare a coastline that was soft, shimmery, and bookended by little inviting tide pools for studied exploration. 

I am convinced now, and even more so on these few blue-sky January days, that moving home was the right decision. The job is going well. I have my own office with a window and a door that shuts. Wow and Munch took turns getting sick last month, and both times my mom picked them up from school and kept them home the next day. It is difficult to describe the difference between having an acute illness send the entire house into chaos because OMG What Will Happen If I Can't Go To Clinic vs. having the same issue be a total non event. If I had realized how much better I'd feel with more reliable back up plans in place, I would have paid for one of those emergency nanny services that I few of my friends use. 

And, of course, I can think of few other places where one can play in the white water of a silver beach one Sunday, then go skiing the next. 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! And there is nothing like living near your family. I am sure they are equally happy to have you and those two darling children nearby.


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