Tuesday, May 1, 2012

BMT i'm out

It was a rough two weeks on the transplant service. This fact is not to reflect disparagingly on the patients - who were mostly kind, responsible, and you know, fighting for their lives - or the support staff, that, as I mentioned before, is wonderful.
But it's a fact, nonetheless, and likely brought about by a census that ran twice last year's average.

Still, this made me laugh.
And few days later it was followed by this.
Adios, BMT.


  1. And to think I gave up animosity toward one of my co-workers for Lint. Someone there is having issues.

  2. oh no! I think they were just having fun with each other. It certainly made me laugh.

  3. Clever- nice to see people apply their senses of humor. Thanks for sharing it!


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