Wednesday, April 4, 2012

time of her life

I am fairly certain that Munch is having the time of her life. She spent the trip over happily engaged in coloring books or the iPad, enjoying undivided daddy-time, two orange juices and, while a tropical storm temporarily shut down the Miami airport, a twenty-minute trip up and down and up and down the escalator.

This escalator trip, surrounded by fashionable travelers in a city known for its beautiful, well-dressed citizenry, allowed me to ponder yet again why I am incapable of traveling in anything other than yoga pants and a cotton shirt. I’d blame motherhood, but I’ve been traveling in variations of this slovenly state long before I had "potential spit-up" to use as an excuse.

We spent the first few days alternating play between white sand and shallow water. Now that Grammy is here we’ve been exploring the hotel’s pools. She’s getting accustomed to dessert after dinner, waking up next to her parents, and maraschino cherries in her lemonade.

And in the first half hour after meeting up with her Grammy, she’d convinced the weary traveler to buy her this –

I know it was only half an hour because that is the time span between when she left our hotel room in normal play clothes and when I met up with them for breakfast, at which point she was proudly showing off her new threads.  As she has taken off the dress only for pool time and bedtime, it is going to appear in our vacation pictures as if it was only item of clothing she had.

I am also having fun, and am able to relax far more now that my MIL is here. Wow and I have passed a few leisurely mornings next to the pool, where he sleeps and I people-watch.

catching up on some much needed r&r, poolside   
repeat, shoreline
The hotel crowd is an interesting mix of families with young children, men in itsy-bitsy swim wear, middle-aged attendants of some sort of financial convention, and the spring break scene, which has prompted a few inquires along these lines -


The answer was, of course, high school. This was obvious to me, but perhaps when you are, oh like FORTY, it's not so obvious. 


  1. I am sure she LOVES her pink dress! Glad you have been able to relax with W while the wild one runs around with her grammy. :)

  2. Munch looks so happy on the beach. Looks like a fabulous escape.

  3. Someone once said that until your youngest child is over age 5, it's perfectly acceptable to wear sweatpants everyday.

  4. I say add a pair of sunglasses to your yoga pants and a t-shirt look and you are celebrity :)!

    I love how Munch is a little fashionista!


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