Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I love snorkeling. It's quiet, peaceful, and doesn't require much gear. In fact, those qualities are common to most of my favorite activities - reading, writing, yoga, running. Peaceful. No gear. The exception is skiing, which I love despite the gear.

The problem is snorkeling with LD.

We'd just spent over an hour snorkeling together. I plopped down on the white sand, happy and exhausted. He sat down next to me. Had I seen the five sea turtles? The sting rays? The eel? Wasn't the (insert name of magnificent sea creature here) amazing? 

I had to collect my thoughts. Had we been circling the same reef?

No, I said, a bit defensively. I had seen purple fan coral and some knobby black coral with white spots. I had seen silver fish and some fat yellow ones. And it was beautiful.

In my defense, I don't go around poking my nose or fingers into spaces from which small fangs could emerge.
See that turtle? So did I! My MIL spotted him just offshore and LD snapped the pic.
This little guy is totally unrelated to the post. But I thought he was cute. 

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