Wednesday, April 25, 2012

guess who...

...finished 26th in his half marathon this past weekend?

This guy.

LD ran the half with his high school buddy, both of whom ran much faster than projected. Munch was more interested in gatorade and M&M-spiked trail mix than she was in cheering for the finishers, although she did manage a big congratulatory tackle for her daddy.

And the two of them passed the afternoon playing one of Munch's favorite games - MAMA AND BABY NAPTIME

Truthfully, it is not a very pleasant game for you - the baby - as you have to lie on your stomach while she "pats" your back and tells you TAKE A NAP BABY (thump thump thump). After 13.1 miles in unseasonably hot weather and a victory beer with brunch, LD found himself in no position to protest.

I returned from my own run to find LD not having moved too far. Munch had changed into one of her nicest dresses and was watching WALL-E on the couch, both uncommon as part of our normal Sunday afternoon routine.

Congrats baby - your mamas are proud of you.

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