Monday, April 9, 2012

easter on harbour island

I doubted we could do much in the way of Easter celebrations this year. I mentioned to LD that I might just pack a bag of chocolate eggs in my suitcase and keep things easy on the Easter bunny.

Oh no, he said. We would have a kitchen, it wouldn’t be that difficult to boil eggs. And he was right in that regard- although 100% wrong that we would be able to find any egg-dying accoutrement on this "out island"of the Bahamian archipelago.

Luckily, but not surprisingly, MIL came prepared.

After the egg hunt we piled into the car and headed northward. We passed over the Glass Window Bridge – a poetic name for the unattractive concrete structure under which the churning Atlantic runs into the calm Caribbean sea. 

Despite many many attempts, I couldn’t get the blue ocean-
and green sea-

 into a single frame. Here is a much better picture.

We continued northward to Whale Point - the jumping off port for Dunmore Town in Harbour Island. Harbour Island is a thin three mile stretch of an island just east of Eleuthera known for its colonial architecture and magnificent beaches.

We rented a golf cart (the modality of transport for tourists and locals alike), puttered around narrow streets lined with pink oleander and purple bougainvillea, and tried to avoid both the tourists who would forget to drive on the left and some very ballsy rosters who seemed to have the run of the place.

The town was charming, but it wasn't the reason we made the trip to Harbour Island. We had come for the beach, which was colder and windier than I had expected – I wore a wetsuit top over my suit and for the first time Munch didn’t complain about her rash guard.

Guess who is getting far more use out of that infant life vest

Unfortunately the most famous aspect of this very famous beach isn’t  that obvious in this picture. Do you see it?

It’s the sand. Which is…

 Pink. Pink for Easter. I couldn’t have planned that better if I had tried.


  1. Happy Easter! That looks much more appealing than the snow we had here this morning.

    1. we are going back to rain. makes it all the more easier to enjoy the sunshine

  2. It looks wonderful and perfect. Happy Easter. I also love that random chicken! It seems like being away on the islands is good for your blogging. :)

    1. absolutely! :) not as much to write about (or time to do so) when I go back to work on Saturday.


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