Friday, April 6, 2012

cable beach to eleuthera

On our last night in Cable Beach we'd planned to visit the world's largest salt water aquarium at the Atlantis hotel - a short drive away on Paradise Island. Unfortunately we got word at 5pm that LD's system had just crashed and he would be delayed.

No worries. There was a steel drum player and age-appropriate aperitifs to be enjoyed in the hotel lobby's bar.
We waited. And did some mugging for the camera. 
Our best Blue Steel in Wow's first, um, bar
Sadly, LD didn't get back until almost 7pm, so we stayed in the bar, ordered some heavy appetizers, and called it a night. 

This morning we boarded a prop plane for Eleuthera. (I was wrong about the ferry to Eleuthera - there is one, but it takes three hours. For the same price, we opted for the 20 min fight instead. Don't worry, Wow's life vest will still get some use when we go to Harbour Island). 

Eleuthera is 50 miles east of New Providence. It's long and thin, hot and bright, and so quiet that, as we played along the scalloped edge of a powder blue sea, it felt as if we had the entire island to ourselves.
 Arrived! And exhausted.. 
Although the two bedroom condo is pretty comfy, we had to improvise some accommodations. 

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  1. In my NYC apartment it might just be Poppy's sleeping arrangements! I need to take drawer measurements now!


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