Thursday, March 29, 2012

well that was fast

The nanny quit. Or maybe I fired her, I'm not entirely sure.

Yesterday was a big day - I had a six hour test and LD had a demo for a potential client. It was suppose to be a trial day before I go back to work, time for her and Wow to get acquainted when it would be just the two of them.

But she didn't show up. We both left voice and text messages. Almost 3 hours later she called LD to say that she was sorry and thought we were scheduled for tomorrow. And that she had had her headphones on and hadn't heard the phone ring. Or seen the text messages.

By then LD had asked our neighbor Marcia to watch Wow for the time period of his demo. He told her I would call her later in the afternoon.

When I called her to discuss, she apologized again. It sounded like an honest mistake. But when I reminded her of the job situations of the four adults involved and that we really needed to know if was interested in the position, she said something vaguely noncommittal. I immediately accepted her resignation and wished her the best.

It didn't feel good. Mistakes happen. I liked her, and even more importantly, I liked how she interacted with my son. But LD was a little freaked out and Ana even more so, after just having found out that she either had to start her daughter in daycare now or wait until September. In other words, no provisional period. This is no small issue if you understand how difficult it is to find childcare for children under 24 months. When I found put I was pregnant I made two phone calls - one to my mother and one to the director of Munch's preschool so she would put a spot on hold for the little tadpole in a year's time.

I did what anyone would expect me to do - I called my mom and begged her to come for what had been the "provisional period" prior to Wow's being able to start daycare. I didn't need to beg.

With my mom here, the transition back to work will be easier. And as an added bonus, she always provides colorful material for this blog. She has recently shared a certain theory of hers, one that sheds light on how it is that perfectly functional cell phones, computers, remote controls, and any other technology developed after 1970, do not, in fact, function in their professed roles when under her command. The details aren't worked out yet, but the overall arc involves perturbations unique to her electromagnetic field.

I do love my mom.


  1. I'm telling you, Grandma's are much better than nannies. Hands down. No competition!

    1. totally agree. we had my MIL for most of Munch's first 18 months. It was awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh that's horrifying! This is why I elected to do daycare-- so scary to trust one person that you don't know. I actually just found out today that we got our due in less than a week daughter into our first choice daycare-and I got on that waiting list the day I saw two lines in a stick!!

    1. wow you just found out??? that is competitive. i really like my daughter's daycare and they will be at the same place, i had just hoped to push of Wow's start for a few months longer. but this whole experience soured me on the nanny idea. good luck with the delivery ... and btw.. i loved my two epidurals :)

  3. It should be fun and helpful to have your mom around during your back-to-work transition. Sorry about the nanny situation though! I think you made the right call, but it's still tough to know.


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