Sunday, March 18, 2012

the latest in home decor

This, my friends, is a geode.
Take note that I did not describe it as the "hottest" or the "chicest" in home decor. No, I wrote "latest", because it is the latest addition to our home decor.

I think the geode hit its height of popularity sometime in the late eighties, early nineties, and I think that because I am pretty sure I was about 11 when I decided my dolphin carved out of volcanic ash was waaayyy cooler than my miniature-sized dinosaur that was fixed to a purple crystal. Ash was in, crystals were out. I still have both the dolphin and the dinosaur in my bedroom at my parent's house and so wish I had them here so I could take a pic to post along side the geode.

LD and Munch had arrived home from the rock museum just before Wow and I got back from our walk yesterday afternoon. I can't say I was particularly enthused to find this displayed on the mantle.

When I pointed out that, while it was very nice and all, I didn't think it needed to be displayed so prominently in our home as um, fancy rock didn't really go with what we had going on in the living room and just maybe we could put it in Munch's room.....

He didn't buy it.

First, we don't have much of anything "going-on" in the living room. Unless you count bad wall color. Second, LD immediately assumed my prejudice against his geode stemmed from a general dislike of that which can be categorized as "trinkets", which is partly true. And furthermore, he went on, how can something that has been around for "millions of years" be dated?

So I moved it here, to the bookshelf, where, you know, the light is better.


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