Thursday, February 9, 2012

the people shuffle continues

Mom left yesterday. A solid indication she's been here is the following
(batteries from the smoke detectors in the kitchen and in the hallway) 

The husband (heretofore to be referred to as "LD") and Munch are in Angel Fire. When Wow was hospitalized on Wednesday, LD and Munch had tickets to New Mexico for Friday. The somewhat questionable decision to send them regardless was based on the fact it looked like Wow and I would be discharged Friday, LD was getting sicker by the day, and Munch was still on antibiotics. We decided that Wow and I being on our own (although mom insisted on coming down to be here "just in case") was a far better option than to risk further exposure.

It also might be mentioned that I did not get sick during this whole debacle, and attribute my pristine health to the fact I routinely huff multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in order to build up them immunities.

Although I would have enjoyed some q-time with the in-laws, especially with the snow fall and opportunity to ski, I had decided against traveling during this maternity leave and as such Wow and I were not scheduled to join them.

(major upcoming tangent)
Some day, when I have a big cup of hot cocoa and the desire to pick at a few scabs, I might write about everything that happened during my first maternity leave. I don't feel like doing that now, suffice it to say traveling with a newborn ended up being far more stressful than I had imagined. The fact I was also interviewing for fellowship did not help the matter.

Ladies, pay attention here - do not under any circumstances travel and interview for a position on which your career depends when your baby is 23 days old. I showed up at one of the top heme/onc fellowship programs so tired I didn't know my own name, much less the research I did three years prior. When an interviewer asked me what exact procedural aspect of our process had ensured the isolation of what we speculated to be novel antibody causing chronic DIC, I think I replied something like "Well, you seeeeeee..... I have this baby.... And these boobs.." (A thought-collecting pause.) "It just isn't working. "

Needless to say, UW (hello we invented BMT!) was not impressed.
(end tangent)

Both LD and Munch recovered sufficiently to get Munch her first experience skiing. LD insists that she loved it, despite some evidence to the contrary.


And lest you think we are unprotected back here, let me assure we are not. I have a Fort Knox security system, a 60lb rottweiler, and Rana on her way into town. 

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  1. Oh goodness, the adventure continues at your place! I'm also happy for you that you've got a canine companion. :-) I suppose because I'm also a dog person, I think everything just feels happier and sometimes safer w/ a dog around. Stay healthy!!


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