Saturday, December 10, 2011

antigua and the finca

On Thursday -while Munch was busy extracting all manner of sugary goods from her mamita- Lincoln, my dad, and I took a rickety old taxi forty miles west to spend a few hours wandering through the cobblestone streets and ancients ruins of Guatemala's architectural capital. 

 the gringos 
"American you say? No! I'd never guessed, not in those shoes!"

We nibbled on sweet nisperos (loquats) while ducking in and out of ancient and colonial churches. I would have loved to spend more time in the little shops that sold brightly colored textiles, jade jewelry, and Christmas decorations, but after five minutes in one such shop the respective eyes of my two aforementioned traveling companions started to roll back in their heads and I worried seizure like activity was just around the corner.

Lincoln wanted to hike one of the three volcanos that surround the city, but sadly that adventure will have to wait for a return trip. 

We headed back to the hotel to meet up with these two and the English cousins who had spent an unfortunate afternoon becoming acquainted with Guatemalan health care system. 

Yesterday we spent the day at my cousin's coffee farm for a family meet-and-greet luncheon and tour of the farm. 

photog Ashley had just flow in that morning 

The day's conversations persisted through lunch and dessert, the 45 min van ride back to the hotel, and a few hour session in the hotel's pool. Before we were to leave for dinner, I started to feel my own need to be become acquainted with the Guatemalan health care system. I passed on dinner in favor of an early evening in bed. Lincoln and Munch didn't get back to the room until almost 10pm, and she is still sleeping beside me as I write this.

Ahh. She awakes. And good thing too as today is a big day....


  1. What gorgeous photos! As often happens when people post travel photos, I have a sudden urge to call in sick for a month and hop on a plane. Hope you're having a fabulous time and that you find someone with two X chromosomes who will shop with you without having a seizure.

  2. What a neat adventure! Also very cool that you have connections to a coffee farm there. Thanks for sharing all the fun photos.


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