Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hiking in Point Loma

Today we went for an easy hike in Point Loma. Calla was extra keen to wander anywhere labeled "dangerous". It was if she was thinking "is this where you don't want me walking? How about right here? Did you not want me to walk off this ridge?". The cliffs were beautiful, but it was a bit stressful trying to keep her caroled in.

A simple solution to Calla's occasional grumpiness is to flip her up side down, which usually precipitates a fit of giggles. We don't know why or feel the need to question it.
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  1. Love the vintage look & ahh, I miss the beach. :) panorama=nice shot!

  2. Thanks guys. I miss the snow.....

  3. I love these photos and wish I could have been on that hike! Is it just me, or is your hair completely straight in one?


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